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"Profiting From Clean Energy: A Complete Guide to Trading Green in the Solar, Wind, Ethanol, Fuel Cell, Carbon Credit Industries, and more" is a book by professional stock analyst Richard Asplund that lays out the complete stock investment profile for the Clean Energy industry.

Clean energy, simply put, has all the earmarks of being one of the best long-term investment trends. This book provides investors with a straightforward guide on how to invest in the diverse and fast-moving clean energy sector.

The demand for new and cleaner forms of energy comes not only from climate change and energy security concerns, but also from the sheer amount of new energy generation that will be needed to satisfy the world's fast-growing needs. World energy demand will grow 57% by 2030 and $4 trillion of new power generation assets are needed by 2030, according to official energy agencies. With this huge target market, the clean energy industry can grow at high growth rates for decades.

Clean energy involves very different sub-sectors including solar power, wind power, fuel cells, geothermal, biomass and biogas, wave and tide power, efficient appliances and lighting, efficient buildings, smart meters, advanced power storage, hybrid battery technology, biofuels, cleaner coal, carbon trading, and others. Each of these sub-sectors features different technology, growth drivers, and players.

With "Profiting from Clean Energy," respected industry and investment analyst Richard Asplund provides an in-depth explanation of the technology and industry structure behind these sub-sectors and in the process identifies more than 150 stocks related to clean energy. Asplund provides criteria for choosing the best clean energy stocks and offers an investment opinion on each of the main clean energy sub-sectors. He also discusses how to invest in clean energy, whether through buying individual stocks, investing in green exchange-traded funds or mutual funds, or trading the biofuel and carbon credit markets.

In short, this book provides an easy way for an investor to quickly become an expert on the clean energy industry and discover its many exciting investment opportunities.

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  About the Author: Richard Asplund is an industry and investment analyst with over twenty-five years of experience. He received an MBA cum laude from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business, a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a Bachelor of Science degree cum laude in Industrial Engineering from the University of Minnesota. Asplund founded his own research firm in 1983. Asplund has been interviewed on CNBC, Fox, Bloomberg TV, Japanese NHK TV, and National Public Radio, and has been quoted in print publications such as Dow Jones, Reuters, USA Today, Newsweek and others.
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